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    11 / 250
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    Thu, 18 Oct 2018 08:00 UTC
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    Hauts-De-France / Roubaix

server_settings This question reached us a couple of times now… and we think the answer is pretty straight forward. Our Global Server List is filled with the exact same data you’ll get within your TeamSpeak Client and contains all voice servers with server list reporting enabled. There is no direct communication with your server at all as we gather our data from the public list every TeamSpeak Server is reporting to. You can easily disable this functionality yourself by connecting to your server and unchecking a single checkbox in the server settings. This will remove your server from our database and from the official list of TeamSpeak Servers worldwide.

However, if you want your TeamSpeak Server to remain in the official server list and just remove it from our site, you’ll have to create a free Planet TeamSpeak account and claim the server to disable the Global Server List feature on our site. This will hide your TeamSpeak Server in our search results and listings. However, the server details page will still be accessible for you using the IP and port number.

Claiming a TeamSpeak Server is simple. Once you’ve created an account on our site, you can navigate to your server and click the Claim this Server button. This will generate a unique validation key on the Manage My Servers page in your personal Control Panel. To prove that you’re the real owner of the server (or at least have administrative privileges), we’ll require you to temporary change the server name to this key until the validation process is complete. This should usually take no longer than 60 minutes.